Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teacher Wish List - Updated 11-12-11


Speech, Judy Magnuson
                Don't Break the Ice Game
            3X5 index cards and
            glue sticks

Behavior Strategist,  Beth Bell
            Bean Bag Chairs
            Play Doh-small containers
            squishy balls-stress relievers
            Exercise tubing-tubing that has handles and is used for resistance training
            buckets of Double bubble gum (best resistence in the mouth)

Academic Life Skills, Rachael Ranger
            a dollhouse (gently used hand-me-down is great with any accessories)
            fitness balls (smaller the better)
            velcro tape (we use tons of this each year for picture schedules)
            Laminator sheets (from Staples - 3mm for hot laminators)

Guidance, Kurt Hebert  - 
5-10 Drawing sketch pads/books
Different types of drawing or artists pencils
Fine point black markers
Fat crayons
speakers for the computer or ipod (I'll take used)

AG Literacy, Carol Bibeau
            Crayola® Dry-Erase Markers, Assorted, 8/Pack  $9.49
Item 812454Model 98-8628
Big chisel tip - broad lines, Low odor

AG Math, Lisa Austin
my fondest dream would be to have a rolling toolbox (I believe Rubbermaid makes a good one)
a half-dozen pairs of scissors,
a box of dry erase markers
a rag,
some sharpened pencils and a little sharpener,
and maybe some really basic cheapie calculators
Social Worker, Lynne Johnston
            basic or used, large or small.

OT ,  Carolyn Eisner
I often work with the students on dressing skills and fasteners.  I would love to have a variety of children's clothing items that have buttons (variety of sizes), zippers and snaps.  I also work with students on completing the outdoor clothing sequence so snowpants, boots, jackets, hats and mittens would be great.  I find that a large boy's size works with most students.
small tubs of play doh
Silly Putty and squishy balls (non-latex)
Several teachers have also asked for beanbag chairs for their classroom

Literacy – Amy Bromwell
Spellwell books- B, BB, and C

Library, Anne Mason –
            A Funeral in the Bathroom: and other school bathroom poems by Kalli Dakos
            The Good Garden: How one family went from hunger to having enough by Katie Smith    Milway
            Happy Pig Day by Mo Willems
The Boy in the Garden by Allen Say
Bun Bun Button by Patricia Polacco
Junonia by Kevin Henkes
            The Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi

Kindergarten, Courtney Monti
            Books for the classroom, any titles, but I love Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes, and non-fiction books about animals

Kindergarten, Sarah Pike
            Extra snacks (crackers, pretzels, etc)
            a couple cupcake tins (can be used - preferably 1/2 dozen size)
Legos (specifically Lego men)
Homemade playdough
Small metal key-rings
Packages of card stock...colored/or white
glue sticks
Board Games (for indoor recess - can be used, but in good shape)
colored pencils
plastic spoons

Kindergarten, Joyce Thompson
            snacks for children who forget on occasion
glue sticks
soft tissues
watercolor paints
doll house furniture
baby dolls
play dough
Lego people
paper cups
small plastic bags

Kindergarten, Sheehan Jenkins
            Extra snacks (crackers, pretzels, etc)
Dolls/Dollhouse items
Small metal key-rings
Anything for imaginative play (Dress up, pretend house, etc)
Watercolor Paints          
            Packages of card stock...colored/or white
Glue sticks
Cars or trucks
colored pencils

Grade 1,  Barbara Grant
            Washable markers,
            soft tissues
hand sanitizer refills
classroom snacks for kids who have none (must be peanut free)
the game of Sorry
play dough
            Wiki sticks or (bend-a-roos)

Grade 1, Karen Williamson
            Games - Chess, Scrabble Jr., Sorry, Apple Picking, Headbands
            Lego People
            Multicultural crayons and colored pencils
            Sponges, mini sized bathroom cups, plastic spoons
            Packs of colored construction paper
            Electric pencil sharpener

Grade 1, Lee Storms
            Connect Four
Lego people
Wiki-sticks (Bend a roos)
colored pencils
multicultural markers and crayons
small containers of Play Dough
colored construction paper

Grade 2, Nancy Olson
            soft tissues
mini- pretzels
sugar-free gum
unwanted Legos

Grade 2, Laura Stevens
            .7 and .5 mm lead refills for mechanical pencils
2 boxes snack sized plastic zipper bags
2 boxes sandwich sized plastic zipper bags
book:  Writer's Toolbox by Nancy Loewen
book:  Owen by Kevin Henkes
books:  Winter Waif, Summer's Vacation, Spring's Sprung by Lynn Plourde
8 AA batteries
8 C batteries

Grade 3,   Anne Tewhey
            22 1" three ring binders with interior pockets to keep students' independent reading (white, if possible)

Grade 3,  Melissa Hutchins
            iTunes gift cards (to buy apps for our iPads)
5 pairs of small headphones/ear buds for iPads
composition notebooks
learning wrap-ups (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)
            several copies of Scholastic Student Thesaurus
            Bean Bag Chairs
Franklin Wordmaster (electronic dictionary/thesaurus)

Grade 3, Shannon Grady
            0.7 mm lead for mechanical pencils
AA Batteries
Extra snacks (pretzels, goldfish, popcorn, etc. NO NUTS)
Bean Bag Chairs for quiet reading areas
Books on CD (that come with the book) 3rd grade appropriate
Peel & stick foam letters for craft projects
A subscription to "Our Little Earth" it's an electronic newspaper for kids -
            Crayola model magic modeling clay (white.) Preferably in the 1 oz. size (as many packages as possible) so               
            large amounts are not open at once and don't dry out, but will take other sizes.

 Grade 4, Becky Dadmun
            fancy pencils
non-yellow sticky notes
index cards
individually wrapped peanut-free snacks for when someone forgets
white Model Magic
Boggle games

Grade 4, Anna Cloutier
            gently used bean bags chairs and/or large pillows for comfortable reading or working

Grade 4, Jason Harris
            two bean bags chairs
            dry-erase markers  
            colorful copier paper

Grade 5, Maureen Richards
            small and regular sized post its
peanut free snacks like crackers, goldfish, or pretzels
pencil top erasers

Grade 5, Abby Morgan  -
boxes of tissues! 
A few rolls of paper towels.
            graph paper, 1cm, 1/2 inch and 1 inch would be great
white college ruled lined paper.