Friday, November 20, 2009

School Field Trip to see Yamoto Drummers of Japan

Tuesday, November 10,  the school went on a field trip sponsored by the PTA to see the Yamoto Drummers of Japan.   This was a fabulous opportunity to see traditional Japanese percussion instruments and the percussionists! 

Students gave rave reviews:
“It was amazing!   They were awesome!   The drummers were terrific - super!   The best thing I ever saw!   It was cool when they lifted up the big drum and put it on its side.   We loved the noises the drummers made!  The big drum stick was huge!   They had big muscles!  People loved the guy with the mohawk hair.  He was hilarious.  He wanted everybody to clap,  and he made us do it in a funny way!  If you have not gone yet,  I think you should.  It's a lot of fun.  Every act kept the spectators' attention.”

Mrs. Olson commented:
“The trip was wonderful!  It was great to have the children exposed to such a unique talent.  I was tickled to see how the children responded to the subtle humor the drummers included in their performance.”

Teachers incorporated this field trip into learning activities:
     Before the field trip, Mrs.  Stevens’ class learned a bit about taiko drumming and a bit about the country of Japan.  They also read and compared three different versions of a Japanese folktale, The Peach Boy.   Students also learned about haiku poetry and wrote their own haiku.
     Mrs. Cloutier’s class wrote haiku about the performance; see back for some examples of their work!
     Mrs. Dadmun’s class wrote cinquain poetry,  some of which is featured on the back of this newsletter!
     Mrs. Poore’s class wrote News Articles after the performance.
     Mrs. Grant’s class wrote journal entries after the field trip.

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