Sunday, November 1, 2009

Annual Harvest Feast for 4th and 5th graders

On Thursday, October 29th, Mrs. Cloutier's and Mrs. Dadmun's students hosted Mrs. Poore's and Mr. Caldwell's classes for the 4th annual Harvest Meal.  Approximately one hundred and twenty people attended the event, held in the social hall of the First Congregational Church.  The menu was Japanese, including an appetizer of edamame (soy beans served in their pods), miso soup with turnip and greens, salad with sesame dressing, sushi rollups made with rice, cucumber, and tuna in a nori seaweed wrapper.  Dessert, following tradition for the Harvest Meal, was apple crisp with whipped cream.  People with knowledge of such things claim the meal was delicious, and rivaled the offerings of many of Portland's fine Japanese dining establishments. 
     Produce for the meal was grown in the Small School gardens, and included soy beans, snow peas, Asian cabbages, turnips, daikon, carrots, garlic, cucumbers and chard.   These vegetables were planted by last year's 4th grade and tended by volunteers over the summer break.  Much of the cooking took place on Wednesday, prior to the meal, and was supervised by a small army of parents.  In spite of the open gas flames and abundant sharp, steely knives, no one was injured, and there was much fun, learning, and tasting of new foods. 

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