Monday, October 12, 2009


PTA Member Meeting, October 20th, 6:30pm

Please join us in the Art Room for our second meeting of the year.  We had a great turnout at the first meeting and have a lot of fun and creative ideas that we'd like to do this year.  Come have some coffee and help us make these ideas a reality!

Octoberfest, Friday, October 30th, 6-8pm
Come join us in the gym for mask making,  face painting, cool origami,  cookie decorating, snacks and drinks,  and of course the hugely popular cake walk!  We need volunteers to help staff the craft stations,  so please email Jim at if you can help.  If you have any other fun ideas,  let us know and we'll make room for it!
Here's how you can help:
Bake a Cake!
The Cake Walk is sort of like a game of musical chairs, but with cakes as prizes. The kids go crazy for it. We need a ton of cakes! Bring a cake, take a cake. Any kind of cake - big, small, sugary, carrot, from scratch, store bought, wedding, birthday, gluten-free, plain frosted, decorated, whatever - any and all kinds are needed. The variety has always been amazing. (No cakes with nuts or peanut butter, please.)

Wear a Costume for the Costume Parade!
It's the night before Halloween, so please come show off your costumes! At the end of the night we'll have a short parade down the hall and around the gym so everyone can check them out. (Keep in mind there will be very young kids around, so nothing too gruesome please. One year Death came in a bleeding skull mask that was a little too much, even for the adults.)

Paint Faces!
Make the kids' night by decorating their cheeks. They're not too picky about the quality, so no big deal if you've never done it. (Although if I have to do it, it's just going to be a smiley face every time.)

Be a Fortune Teller!
The past few years we had a mom who pretended to be a fortune teller (at least I think she was pretending) and the kids really loved it. Unfortunately the mom who did it last year is unavailable and we'd loved to have a replacement. Wear a few scraves, read some palms, be a hero!

Bring Snacks and Drinks!
Maybe stuff that's not too sugary, since they'll be gorging the next night.

Sidewalk construction starting

Finally, construction has started on sidewalks on Summit and Spring Streets! Soon no more walking in the road! When they are finished in a few weeks, they will make walking SO much safer for our kids coming up from Broadway. While the construction is underway, please use extra
caution while walking, biking and driving along that route. These sidewalks were triggered by a PTA request to the city a few years ago to improve the transportation situation in our neighborhood. We're glad it's finally underway.

Also, for you drivers, a few reminders:
- Kittredge Rd is a not a proper drop off spot. It is a dead end street and backing up and turning around is very dangerous for other drivers and especially our kids, and really ticks off our neighbors who live there.
- When dropping off and picking up, do not idle. It pumps out pollution right into our kids faces and wastes gas and money.
- The bus loop is called a bus loop because it's for buses. If it was a car loop, it would be called a car loop.
- Please heed all "No Parking" and "No Stopping" signs, particularly on Thompson Street near the parking lot exits. If cars park too close and on both sides of the street, traffic jams occur frequently.
- Remember that walking and biking to and from the school is almost always easier and quicker than trying to drive. A little stroll will help make you and your kids happier, healthier and less frustrated if you don't have to fight the traffic.

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