Monday, October 19, 2009

PTA Funds 4th Grade Field Trip to the Telling Room

Recently, the fourth grade visited the Telling Room, a writing workshop in Portland.   The children were sent out on a Word Walk around the Old Port and asked to attach adjectives to various objects that represented that word.  For example, one group attached the word magical to a pirate statue, or leafy to ivy growing up the side of a building.  The children were given cameras so that they could snap pictures of their word representations.  After about an hour, they returned to the Telling Room and wrote about the pictures that were taken. Mrs. Cloutiers class created a slideshow of the photographs and the children were given the opportunity to narrate the slide show with one line from their writing. The students were very motivated and excited about this visit and wanted to continue writing their Telling Room pieces when they returned to school.  They came back to school with a very positive attitude about writing and saw themselves as authors!
Many thanks to the many parents volunteers who joined us on this trip and who participated in all the Telling Room activities. Also a big thank you to the PTA for funding this wonderful experience for us.

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