Thursday, October 15, 2009


A clarification about the school department budget and field trip funding at Small School: Due to a budget shortfall in Augusta, the South Portland School Department has implemented a  "soft budget freeze."  At some schools in South Portland,  this impacts things like field trips.

At Small School,  the PTA fully funds field trips (both admission and transportation costs) and will do our best to continue to do so.   We spend about $20-25 per student for the year just for field trips.   In order to continue funding these field trips,  we need everyone's help with our various fundraiser like Jaxco,  Hannaford Helps School,  Clynk, and the rest of them.   Some parents,  instead of taking part in fundraising by buying stuff,   prefer to simply write a check,  and that's perfectly ok,  too!   We'll gladly take checks and give you a receipt so you can get a tax deduction.   We are also working on a school/teacher wish list to identify specific items needed in the classrooms and will post this information on our blog site when ready.

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