Friday, September 11, 2009


Co-President, Jim Frederick (
Jim returns as PTA President, this time, sharing duties with Margaret. Previously Jim was Secretary for two years. This is his last year at Small as next year his youngest, Ethan, moves on to Mahoney, where his daughter Isabella is currently an eighth grader. Jim is a life-long resident of South Portland. In fact, Jim's 3rd grade teacher at Hamlin, Anne Tewhey, also taught his two kids in 3rd grade at Small! Now that's life in a small town.

Co-President, Margaret Donahue (
Margaret is joining the PTA as Co-President. Margaret has a daughter, Eleanor, who is beginning first grade, a daughter, Alice, who is beginning kindergarten and a son, Miles, who will be running close behind them. Margaret has joined the PTA because she has a strong interest in being a part of the community.

Co-Vice President, Stephanie Pandora (
Stephanie and her husband Peter are parents of second grader, Anna Louise, and also of Whitney, a Senior at Saint Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont. This is her third year as a PTA member and her second as Vice President. Stephanie comments, “I simply love Small School and its community-kids, parents, teachers, neighbors-and desire to be involved and helpful however I am needed. I always welcome all input and ideas so feel free to reach out to me if you wish. I am looking forward to a fun and enriching year! ”

Co-Vice President, Pam Remy (

Pam has a son, Eli, who is starting in the 1st grade, and a younger son, Henry, who will be starting kindergarten next year. By getting involved in the PTA, Pam hopes to help Small School teachers and administrators create an educational and enriching environment for her children to learn in.

Secretary, Sue Peterson (

Sue is looking forward to her 2nd year as serving as PTA Secretary on the executive committee. Sue is mom to Bradley who is in 3rd grade this year. She loves the Small School Community and encourages everyone to join the PTA and get involved.

Treasurer, Carol Zechman (

Carol joins the executive committee this year as Treasurer. Carol is mom to Finn in 5th grade and Paul in 1st grade. She also has a 7th grader at Mahoney. She is looking forward to becoming more involved with the Small School Community since transferring from Brown School last year.

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